The Minis class is for ages 4 – 6 years (preschool, junior infants, senior infants) and involves singing, dance and drama for 55 mins.

Drama – children work on poetry to improve memory skills, using gestures and facial expression to aid storytelling. We also use theatre games to develop imagination through play.


Dance – we warm up our bodies, learn routines and practice corner work to improve dance and movement skills.

Singing – warm-ups are used to build vocal skills, technique and volume. We learn songs from musicals, films and Disney!

The focus of the Minis class is on improving creativity and building confidence while making friends, having fun and learning about performance!

At the end of term, we have in-house showcases for parents to show off what the students have learned in class. Minis also have the option to be involved in bigger public performances and group outings to see shows in theatres.

Cost – Minis costs €10 to try out on week 1 and €95 per 10 week term.