Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures

  1. Evelyn Purcell is the Covid-19 Workplace Compliance Officer, and the Child Protection Officer for Next Stage Theatre School.
  2. All students should be dropped off and picked up from door of the class or camp venue. A staff member will be waiting to receive students.
  3. Parents are asked to pay online through bank transfer or by Paypal, and not to use cash. They are also asked fill out and return the Google Form sent by Evelyn before entering the venue.
  4. Teachers should use their own pens, speakers, water bottles etc during classes and camps.
  5. Students should use their own water bottle, lunchbox etc, with strictly no sharing of food allowed. Students are not permitted to bring extra toys etc to camp / class.
  6. Students should wear comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for dance ie runners or dance shoes
  7. Parents are asked to please keep any student home if they are sick, have or had fever in last 48 hours, anyone in home is sick etc. We will send anyone home who does not feel well.
  8. At the end of each day at camp or classes, the teaching areas will be thoroughly cleaned.
  9. Next Stage is not responsible for any child who becomes sick or injured while attending a camp or class.
  10. Next Stage is not responsible for any child left unsupervised after class time.
  11. Next Stage has the right to change dates and venues when necessary.
  12. Next Stage has the right to dismiss children whose behaviour is adversely affecting other participants.
  13. Photographs and videos may be taken for promotional use.
  14. A confirmation text or email will be sent as proof of booking.
  15. Customers’ contact details will only be used by Next Stage, and will be added to the mailing list.